Revenue checks are issued when the owner’s account has a balance of at least $100. Annually, in June, checks and ACHs are issued for any owner with an account balance of at least $10 that has not received a check for the year. If you would like to receive checks when the balance reaches at least $25, please send your request to or call 972-628-1590. The royalty check schedule is as follows:

  • Paper Check: Mailed on the 20th of each month.
  • Direct Deposit: Funds are transferred to your designated account on the 20th of each month. Note: it may take up to 5 days for the funds to post to your account, per the terms of enrollment on the EnergyLink website.
  • IRS 1099 statements are issued by January 31st.

Contact Merit online or call the Royalty Relations Hotline at 972-628-1590 for any of the following issues:

  • If you have not received your check by the fifth business day of the following month.
  • If you have lost a check, complete and return this¬†declaration of loss. Once Merit receives the affidavit back from you, the lost check can be voided and the funds included on the next check issued to you.
  • If you have questions about your check amount, various deductions, production codes, changes in production, etc.

Electronic check details can be accessed on EnergyLink. Owners can reach out to EnergyLink for help here or you can email for assistance at

Old Checks: If you have a check that is 120 days old, return the stale check and the funds will be included on the next check issued to you. Mail the check to the following address with your request for a new check:

Merit Energy Company

Attn: Royalty Relations
13727 Noel Road, Suite 1200, Tower 2
Dallas, TX 75240